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Elvio Lunghi (Palaces of the Municipality)
Marco Francalancia (Roman Assisi)
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Paolo Desinano
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The guide

Assisi is a place where every stone and every corner talks about the history of the city, strongly connected to the Middle Ages and particularly to the life of Francis and Clare. However, a more attentive and careful study of the city shows its Roman aspect, which laid “hidden” for a long time, inside houses, streets and under roads and squares where people live their everyday life. An itinerary which is still to discover and represents an interesting and fascinating experience for a visitor who is not satisfied with a quick visit of the city and wishes to deepen the knowledge of Assisi and the spirit of this place.

This guide is a useful tool: visitors will be accompanied along the streets of Assisi, will follow less known itineraries, discover the “Roman City” and the “Palazzi del Comune” (Palaces of the Town Hall in the main square of the city), a very important part of the history of the Comune di Assisi. These routes are just some recommendations, reading keys to understand the historic, artistic and cultural heritage of Assisi.

Of course visitors might have different points of view for the reading and interpretation of the city.

Tourist routes are marked with different colours: readers will find them both in the guide and panels placed near the points of interest; they also have a QR code with some information on the web in Italian and English. In order to facilitate the itineraries (though not particularly difficult for tourists), you will find brief directions to help you find the places following the progressive number of the points of interests selected.


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