MAUSOLEUM (I century AC)

The Mausoleum is the most imposing funeral artifact. This kind of monument is repeated twice in our region: one example can be found on the way to San Damiano, and the other is near Castelnuovo. Although the sack that was used for the large limestone blocks covered the building, the architecture was still able to reach us, thanks to the firmness of the mortar. What remains is a ruin made of concrete with some majestic ashlars and a vaulted room at the bottom made of big dry rocks and visible from the main street. The guest buried in the “Torrione” (big tower) is Petronio, which is also a prestigious name in Rome. He is the brother of the Petronia who contributed to the construction of the nearby amphitheatre.

The Mausoleum is situated in one of the areas used as a necropolis, whose stems are in the forum; it is just outside the walls and not far from the area used for shows. In perspective, it is seen together with the Romanesque apse of the Cathedral, the bell tower and the Rocca Maggiore on the hill in the background.