The west side of the square was occupied by a little Church dedicated to San Nicolò di Piazza. The Church was seriously damaged by the earthquake of 1832 and, after a long period of neglect, it was converted into barracks in 1848 for the Carabinieri Pontifici (Papal police). In 1924 the barracks were demolished to make way for the Post and Telegraph offices, designed in a neo-fourteenth century style by Architect Ruggero Antonelli (Perugia 1888-1974), while the underlying crypt was restored back to its original Roman character. Today, the hall on the ground floor, Is the headquarters for the Assisi Tourist Office. It is decorated with paintings by Adalberto Migliorati (Rome 1902 – Perugia 1953) that represent Saint Francis and Bernardino da Siena.